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Sailing in Saint Augustine

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What better time to gain a love and respect of the water than when you’re young?  Summer Sailing Camp is an activity that has been shown by researchers to have significant benefits to children. Some of these include improving hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, as well as, the ability to improve upon quick thinking skills. Often kids who become active in sailing start to take interest in the weather and other forms of oceanic science.  So you can say SPARS is fun and educational.

SPARS teaches youth sailing in Salt Run at the Conch House Marina and Resort. Sailing lessons are given in our fleet of Prams, an ideal boat for kids. The Opti is 7’8″ long with a single, 35 square foot sail, and is used for training and racing worldwide. This weight limit for an Opti is 160 lbs. For intermediate sailors we also have seven Sunfish boats.

Our sailing instructors are Certified Sailing Instructors and CPR certified. With a sailing class of six or more there are two instructors per class. At least one instructor is in a chase boat at all times while children are sailing. SPARS provides USCG approved life jackets and require children to wear them at all times in the water. Shoes must be worn at all times due to oyster beds at the foot of marsh.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our lead instructor feel free to contact SPARS at or call 904.806.4942

All camps are Monday – Friday, 9 am-2 pm

Ages 9-15.

Camps will run June to August. There will be no camp the week of July 4th.

Camp fee is $225 for the week or $265 with lunch provided by the Conch House.

10% Discount for multiple camps and sibling registration.

Refund Policy to follow.

  • Sailor able to schedule another session upon availability during current season
  • Act of God
  • Sailor’s scheduled session filled by another sailor


Where is the SPARS Youth Summer Sailing Camp held?


57 Comares Avenue                                                                                                                             St. Augustine, FL

What’s the age requirement for SPARS Youth Summer Sailing Camp?

9-15 Years

What does my child need to bring to class?
Dress your sailors comfortably, send them with sunscreen on and some extra for reapplying at lunch. Sailors need to wear shoes all day long, water shoes work but make sure they are broken in BEFORE class. Blisters in a wet environment hurt. Please send a towel. Hats are advisable. If your child has their own life jacket, send it along to class for their use.

What’s for lunch?
Please pack a nutritious lunch and send plenty of water. Try to avoid sending drinks with loads of sugar. There is a water fountain near by that provides cold refreshing water. Alternatively, lunch can be provided for the week  for a $4o additional charge.

What will my child learn this week?
Along with the fundamentals of sailing, your child will learn basic meteorology, essential knots, how to retrieve a man overboard, maritime etiquette, how to sail an Opti or Sunfish and be the captain of their own boat. They will become aware of tidal flow and estuarine ecology. The camp is hands on with children forming a team in order to accomplish the daily setting up of and breaking down of the fleet.

What does SPARS provide?
We provide USCG approved life jackets, U.S. Sailing Certified Instructors, sail boats and a safe fun-filled class for your child. If have a life jacket of your own, please bring it. Please put your name on it.

Does my child need to know how to swim?
Yes, Students need to pass a swim test in their life jackets and shoes the first day of class.

What if my child becomes frightened during the course of the week?
Occasionally, children are not ready to sail or become afraid of sailing during the week. If this happens we will refund your money. SPARS wants sailing to be an exciting and challenging experience.

Can I drop my child off early?
Campers may not be dropped of before 8:45 am. Be advised that our instructors are preparing for the days class and in order to properly watch your child before camp the instructor may ask them to help with the daily set up.

What happens when there are thunderstorms or inclement weather?
Instructors immediately alert kids to make for shore at the first indication of an approaching thunderstorm. Children can safely congregate under the shelter on the dock or in the Conch House Restaurant upstairs, until such time as it is safe to go back to the water. In long periods of rain, we carry on with the class. If the instructor decides to cancel class due to hazardous weather, you will be notified of cancellation.

When is the best time to watch my child sail?
It all depends on what’s in store for the day and on the tide so please ask the instructor so they can advise you to the best time and place.

How can I help or Volunteer?

Glad you asked. We need volunteers and board members who can commit a few hours a month for a short meeting and fleet repairs. Please make contact with us. No time to volunteer, then please make a donation. Donate buttons are scattered around this site.


St. Augustine is fortunate to be surrounded by water.  From inlets and estuaries to the  bay front and ocean, this city has a multitude of water activities to choose from.  And it’s that love of the water that has made SPARS the organization to turn to for nautical excitement.

SPARS (Sailors, Paddlers And Rowers of St. Augustine, Inc.) was created by Walt Mathews and Ed McCarthy.  Walt, a lifelong boating enthusiast, envisioned a place in St. Augustine where individuals and families could enjoy the wonderful water embracing our old city.  In 2004, they assembled a dedicated group of sailors who agreed to establish an organization that would promote their love of the sea and sailing.  Today SPARS is providing a wonderful learning environment to teach young and old alike about the fun and excitement of sailing.

SPARS is now in her TWELVTH of year teaching sailing in Salt Run. Now located at CONCH HOUSE MARINA RESORT. Get on the water and support St Augustine’s Longest Running Youth Sailing Organization.