Come sail away

Youth Sailing Camps in Saint Augustine

St. Augustine is blessed to be surrounded by water.  From inlets and estuaries to the  bay front and ocean, this city has a multitude of water activities to choose from.  And it’s that love of the water that has made SPARS the organization to turn to for nautical excitement.

SPARS (Sailors, Paddlers And Rowers of St. Augustine, Inc.) was created by Walt Mathews and Ed McCarthy.  Walt, a lifelong boating enthusiast, envisioned a place in St. Augustine where individuals and families could enjoy the wonderful water embracing our old city.  In 2004, they assembled a dedicated group of sailors who agreed to establish an organization that would promote their love of the sea and sailing.  Today SPARS is providing a wonderful learning environment to teach young and old alike about the fun and excitement of sailing.

SPARS is now in her TENTH of year teaching sailing in Salt Run. Get on the water and support St Augustine’s oldest youth sailing club.